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This page contain links to resources for accessing and using models and schemas from the ISO/TC 211 Standards.

For more information, please visit the ISO/TC 211 committee page.

UML Models (HMMG)

Browse HTML views of the Harmonized UML Model:

The GitHub repository for the ISO/TC 211 Harmonized Model Maintenance Group (HMMG) contains model files, information about the Harmonized Model, and how to work with it.

XML Schemas (XMG)

ISO/TC 211 XML Schemas are located in two places:

Each part of each standard has a directory in this format StandardNumber/PartNumber/NamespacePrefix/Version.

XML Schemas are provided under the "2005/" directory, as referred by ISO/TC 211 standards, including:

  • ISO/TS 19157-2

  • ISO/TS 19139

Ontologies (GOM)

ISO/TC 211 Ontologies are located at

Ontology representations of the ISO/TC 211 Standards are maintained in the GitHub repository for the ISO/TC 211 Group on Ontology Management (GOM).