ISO/TC 211 Harmonized Resources Maintenance Agency established

March 06, 2022

The ISO Technical Management Board has approved the establishment of the "ISO/TC 211 Harmonized Resources Maintenance Agency", originally proposed by ISO/TC 211 CIB Resolution 2021-16, "Terms of reference for the Maintenance Agency for the ISO/TC 211 Harmonized Resources for Implementation".

The Swedish Institute of Standards (SIS) has been appointed as the ISO/TC 211 Harmonized Resources Maintenance Agency ("HRMA"), being the current Secretariat for ISO/TC 211. Ribose, as the current technology provider for hosting ISO/TC 211 resources, will continue to provide platform support to the newly established Maintenance Agency in accordance with ISO/TC 211 Resolution 912.

The ISO/TC 211 harmonized resources are resources published at, meant to assist developers, implementers and users of ISO/TC 211 standards, including UML models, XML schemas and ontologies.

Since the management of these harmonized resources require specialized governance and information system support, it is necessary to adopt a governance structure that is different from the typical standards lifecycle as described in the ISO Directives.

The establishment of the HRMA as an ISO Maintenance Agency (MA) (in accordance with ISO Directives Part 1, Annex G), was proposed by the ISO/TC 211 Secretariat in conjunction with AG 2 Strategy as a solution compatible with the ISO Directives in handling governance processes needed by the harmonized resources.

The ISO/TC 211 HRMA is a bold effort that allows the management of digital and machine-readable resources associated with all ISO/TC 211 published standards, and provides a solid basis for new ISO/TC 211 standards in the years to come.

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