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Standards in action workshop: Call for papers

ISO 19154:2014 Geographic information -- Ubiquitous public access -- Reference model

ISO 19101-1:2014 Geographic information -- Reference model -- Part 1: Fundamentals

ISO 19159-1:2014 Geographic information -- Calibration and validation of remote sensing imagery sensors and data -- Part 1: Optical sensors

ISO 19115-1:2014 Geographic informaiton - Metadata - Part 1: Fundamentals

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Multi-Lingual Glossary of Terms

Glossary maintenance information available at N 3172 and N 3897
Release 2 terms for translation available at N 3173

Release 3 terms for translation available at N 3898

ISO/TC 211 on ISO Livelink (members only)

- ISO/TC 211

- ISO/TC 211/WG 6


ISO/TC 211 Standards Guide


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CEN/TC 287

Special cooperation with CEN/TC 287, with parallel work on several projects.


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