Geographic MetaData extensible markup language (GMD)

GMD 1.0


Version 1.0 of GMD is an XML Schema implementation derived from ISO 19115:2003, Geographic information — Metadata completed with ISO 19115:2003/Cor.1:2006. It follows the encoding rules stated in ISO/TS 19139:2007, Clause 8. It is fully specified in the technical specification ISO/TS 19139:2007, Clause 9.

GMD 1.0 Namespace

The namespace of GMD 1.0 is It is common to use gmd as the prefix for this namespace. Detailed information about GMD 1.0 can be found at the location related to its namespace

NOTE: The namespace URI of GMD 1.0 doesn't reflect the version number of the XML Schema Implementation. The policy of ISO/TC 211 has evolved in order to reflect the versioning of the XML Schema Implementation as part of the namespace URI. But, the namespace of GMD 1.0 has not been changed for backward compatibility reasons.

XML Schemas of GMD 1.0

The XML Schema documents associated with GMD 1.0 are:

gmd.xsd is the root XML Schema document, i.e., the XML Schema document to be referenced by XML documents containing XML elements in the GMD 1.0 namespace or by XML Schema documents importing the GMD 1.0 namespace.

NOTE: The XML Schemas of GMD 1.0 are available here as part of a zip archive regrouping all the XML Schema Implementations defined in ISO/TS 19139:2007. They are also available for remote access on the ISO ITTF Repository.

CAUTION: ISO/TC 211 XML Maintenance Group is setting up a new XML Schema repository where GMD 1.0 will be provided for a persistent remote access. XML schemas provided in the ISO ITTF Repository will be deprecated as soon as the new XML Schema Repository will be available.

GMD 1.0 Additional Resources

To ease the use of GMD 1.0, several XML files are provided along with GMD 1.0 XML Schemas. They are organized into the following categories: example and catalogues of codelist, units of measure and coordinate reference systems.

GMD related XML Schema Implementation

GMD 1.0 is based on or can be used in combination with: